“Rescue in the Philippines” a big success.

We are pleased to report that our showing of “Rescue in the Philippines” on June 4 was a big success. One hundred forty-two people attended the program (86 of whom had preregistered, plus 56 walk-ins).  Attending were members of the Frieder family who, with the help of the Philippine and U.S. government and military,  rescued more than 1,300 European Jews and bringing them to the Philippines during the early years of World War II.

It was particularly impactful having 11 members of the Philippines Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia, Inc. join us. After the screening, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ruth Luyun, President, PECGP; and other members of her organization, who were unaware that their country played a significant role in saving Jewish lives. Ruth told us how grateful she and the PECGP were to learn this piece of their heritage, and that they plan to share this story with their entire community.

We also were privileged to meet Dr. Jacques Lipetz, a resident of Melrose Park, who, along with his family, was one of the people rescued by the Frieders. Dr. Lipetz offered to become the newest member of HAMEC’s survivor heroes, and will be joining us as a Witness To History speaker.



Left to right: Deanne Comer, Chuck Feldman, Dick Frieder, Peggy Ellis, Dr. Jacques Lipetz, Sam Frieder, and Lois Frieder. Dick and Sam’s father was one of the Frieder brothers highlighted in the film “Rescue In The Philippines.” The Frieders, with assistance of who help organize and implement the rescue of nearly 1,300 German Jewish refuges in 1938-1941, bringing them to safety in Manila. Peggy Ellis, Senior Producer of the film, is a granddaughter of Samuel Frieder, founder of S. Frieder & Sons, a Cincinnati cigar manufacturing and distribution company. Dr. Jacques Lipetz, a local psychologist who lives in Melrose Park, was one of the people rescue by the Frieders’ efforts. Sam Frieder, brother of Dick Frieder. And Lois Frieder, Dick’s wife.



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