On the road with HAMEC.

UnknownShelley Blumenthal Greenbaum writes:   Don and I were at the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina walking to board our plane.  The Captain of the plane walked by and saw Don who was wearing his World War II veterans cap.  He shook his hand and asked his name and where he served during the war.  He thanked Don for his service.

After the flight took off there was an announcement on the loud speaker from the Captain. “We have an important person on the flight named Don Greenbaum,” the Captain announced.  He asked Dan to stand up and told the passengers that Don was a liberator of Dachau and that Ernie Gross was a Survivor of the camp.  The Captain also said that they talk about their experiences.  Everyone applauded and those near to our seats shook his had.  Then the flight attendant gave us free boxes of snacks.

The Captain must have googled Don’s name.  We were overwhelmed.  I am always so proud of Don.  His talk at Duke University with Ernie Gross was well received.  Don and Ernie will speak at the Union League in Philadelphia on April 24.


Hannah Labovitz, a first year student at  Gettysburg College and joined the Hillel.  She asked the head of the Judaic Studies program, Steve Stern, about inviting a Holocaust Survivor to speak on campus.  He encouraged her to reach out.  She found Dave Tuck and HAMEC, through Charlie Lloyd.   Mr. Lloyd is active with a World War II veterans group in Reading.  These veterans host an air show every year.  Charlie has become good friends with Survivor Dave Tuck, who attends the air show every year.  The Hillel House put posters on campus and publicized on Facebook to the community at large. When Dave went out to speak on April 8, he was greeted by 150 students and 850 people from the community.  



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